Our Approach to Consulting  

It doesn’t work anymore to compartmentalize your business into client services and “all the rest.”  It certainly doesn’t work to assume that “all the rest” will handle itself.  We approach our consulting services with a broad understanding of the industry, as well as how organizations operate.  We have specific technical expertise and we know how to build your own internal capacities–to help you function more effectively, to help your teams function more effectively, and to get back to spending more time doing what you really care about.

The “sales side” isn’t really about sales.  Those providing direct services–portfolio management, client interaction and support–need to understand increasingly complex compliance and operational requirements and be able to navigate difficult ethical questions.  Their own professional competence is paramount.  They need to be able to decide, on the fly, whether what they’re doing supports the business model or detracts from it.

Back office personnel need to understand your mission and support it fully.   They need to work effectively with different departments and develop new competencies in communication skills, use of technology, project implementation, and customer service.

Compliance professionals need to be more than enforcers.  The ability to understand and apply the rules is just the beginning.  They also need skills in risk management, salesmanship, and helping to get different people, and different departments, on board with the right compliance agenda. They need to increase their capacity to shape an understanding of compliance in light of the business realities and priorities.

And executive management needs to be able to work well with all these groups–to integrate what others are doing and lead the whole to successful outcomes.

None of this happens efficiently when the different parts of the company are functioning separately and without a shared understanding of both where the entity is headed and what part each person plays in the overall direction.  We know how to get people on the same page.