Organization Development

We have significant experience and training at the executive level with helping companies leverage their existing people and resources to move the business forward. Organizations are complex and most of us get very little assistance with the basics: coaching teams in working better together; managing small annoyances or “rubs” and keeping them from blowing up into something worse; delivering difficult messages; helping different departments work together effectively.

With over 30 years of experience in this industry, one thing is clear to us: the “soft” stuff matters and this business seems to attract people who are not naturally good at it. That’s OK–we weren’t either, but we learned. And we bring a unique advantage: we get the securities culture and we aren’t woo-woo New Agers (although we like many of ’em). We talk your language and we know how to help you get better at speaking it.

  • Strategic Planning. We will work with your team to develop concrete plans that are much more likely to actually be implemented and much more likely to accomplish what you’re looking for.
  • Conflict Management. We’ll help mediate existing conflicts, as well as work with staff to get better at doing it themselves. We have a knack for helping people see conflict as a fact of life, not something scary, and to deal with it (mostly) pleasantly and like a grown up. It really is possible!
  • Communication Skills. People can learn to communicate better.  It’s a matter of understanding what works, what’s actually happening, and then practicing.  “Communication” may sound squishy, but we help you achieve specific benefits: fewer and more effective meetings; making sure things get done; better quality work product; better customer service; and better working relationships.  All told, those mean less turnover, more productivity, and more profit.
  • Picking the Right Team Members.  We help managers engage processes to help them pick the right people for the job, whether new hires or selecting existing employees for a special project or promotion.  We also have lots of resources for teambuilding that use some of the other services we’ve described and assist you in increasing the competence of your staff while simultaneously increasing their job satisfaction.
  • Silent Partner to the CEO.  It’s a fact that the higher you go on the corporate ladder, the less likely people are to tell you the truth.  Bringing in a third party mitigates the effects of this and makes sure you get the information you need to lead the company.  We’re available to bounce ideas off of, to give you our view of your plans, and to give you tactful but direct feedback about those areas that may be more of a challenge.